ySense Review 2019 (Formerly Clixsense)

Have you stumbled upon the site Clixsense? Or maybe you have heard or read a post online about this amazing website and you are curious if what you read is true or not. Well, you are in the right article to quench your curiosity.

Table of Contents:

  • what is Clixsense;
  • what are the ways to make money from this website;
  • what are my experiences using the site;
  • what are some of my tips; 
  • how to cash out your earnings and;
  • my final verdict about the site.

Disclaimer: Please note, any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

Update: Clixsense is now Ysense.

What is Clixsense?

When I signed up on the website two years ago, Clixsense was the most popular paid-to-click site. Clixsense was founded in the year 2017 as a PTC website, but on the 7th of July 2017, they removed the PTC feature.

Despite the update, Clixsense is still used by thousands of people from different countries. The reason is that most people are earning decent money from the website.

How do people earn from Clixsense?

1. Completing Figure Eight Tasks

The users can do simple tasks such as categorizing clothing, classifying tweets, and many more. There are days when there are hundreds of available tasks but in some cases, there are less than 50 tasks to choose from. Each task pays from a cent to a few dollars.

2. Taking Online Surveys

There are few companies like Paneland that are partnered with Clixsense. These companies would pay people to conduct surveys. There are certain qualifications that a person should meet before he/she can attempt to take a survey.

Based on my experience, I would usually have 5+ survey offers in a day, but I do not meet every requirement the survey needs. I would be lucky to finish at least one survey in a day.

By the way, the pay per survey depends upon the company and the time needed to finish the survey.

3. Completing Offers

An example of the offers is to download an app and use it for a certain time. The pay would depend on the complexity of the offer. So just choose the offer that you know you can complete and of course, worth it for your time.

clixsense offers

Be careful though as there are offers that would require you to spend your own money.

4. Completing the Daily Checklist Bonus

Every day, there is a checklist of special tasks that you can complete. Once you complete the checklist, a certain percentage of your earnings on that day will be credited to your account.

clixsense daily checklist

Example: If you earned $2 that day and you completed the checklist, 12% (the percentage varies) of that 2$ (which is $.24) will be added to your account.

5. Referring other People

Refer to the pictures.

clixsense referral program
What are my Observations of and Experiences with Clixsense?

When I signed up on this site last January 2017, there are many Filipinos who are earning up to $50 per day. There were many tasks available and most of it were high-paying. 

Moreover, the surveys were easy to finish because almost all don’t require many qualifications.

In fact, I was able to earn $11 on my 3rd day of joining just by finishing 221 tasks, which is not bad because it only took me 3hours. But after a few days, I wasn’t able to earn that much because there were not enough tasks and surveys.

clixsense earnings

I observed that nowadays, there are many task IDs that pay less but would require much time and effort to finish a task. I think the reason for this is the change of task provider. The task provider before was not Figure Eight, it was CrowdFlower.

Now, maybe you are asking why did I create or post this article if I am not earning much from this website?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s because the earnings would depend on you as a worker.

I honestly stopped signing in on this website after I found another online opportunity. But recently, when I checked the Clixsense Filipino Forum (a forum for Filipinos to post anything about the website), I read some posts that people are still earning from the site.

clixsense earnings

So, basically, Clixsense is not dead. It still is a website where you can earn extra pesos. (But of course, you should have another source of income)

Are you Still Interested in Joining or Signing up?

Then take the following as my pieces of advice:

1. Avoid Tasks that Pay Less

You should only do the tasks that pay worth your time and effort. If most of the tasks have very low compensation, then just leave the site and check back later. There are tasks IDs (such as the categorizing clothing task) that are very easy and pay better.

NOTE: By the way, when you are new to the site, you will need to increase your level by doing level 0 tasks.

2. Complete Paneland Surveys

I love taking Paneland surveys. Aside from it is very easy to qualify for their surveys, I can earn up to $1.20 for a 15-minute survey.

clixsense paneland surveys

3. Check the task section often

The availability of the tasks varies from time to time. So, you should check the task section several times a day.

You can also download the ClixAddon. It is a browser extension that will notify you when there are newly available surveys, offers, and/or tasks.

4. Level Up Accuracy

Try to have at least 80% accuracy for every task. And aim to increase your level before aiming to earn much.

clixsense accuracy
So, you joined the program and you were able to earn real money? 

Now, let’s talk about how you can withdraw your money from Clixsense.

Most of the sites I joined offer PayPal as their payment gateway. Clixsense, however, removed PayPal as an option to withdraw your earnings. As of the time of writing this article, there are four payment gateways but only two can be used here in the Philippines: Skrill and Payoneer.

I tried both and I was able to receive my earnings. And I would recommend either of the two if you:

  • Payoneer – If you have 50 dollars or above in your earnings. You must have a bank account for you to withdraw from Payoneer though. The fee for every transaction is $2.
  • Skrill – If your earnings are below 50 dollars. You can use GCash to withdraw your money from Skrill. The fee for every transaction is1% of the amount that you are going to withdraw.

Final Words

Clixsense is another website where you can earn extra money. It is still paying its members and offers few ways to make money. However, just like any site, it also has its downsides.

If you are looking for an online job where you can earn extra pesos, then try signing up. If you have any questions about Clixsense, type them in the comment section.