QA World Review – Earn Money Transcribing Calls

This is my personal QA World Review and Guide.

QA World is another website or company that you can apply for. This website lets its workers earn money by transcribing calls.

I found this website while I was in the search for jobs online. Basically, this article would contain information about QA World based on my experience when I worked for this website.

Table of Contents:

  • what is a transcriptionist;
  • who are the clients of transcriptionist;
  • what is QA World;
  • is QA World Scam or Legit;
  • how to sign up on QA World;
  • my tips as a QA World transcriber and;
  • conclusion.

Disclaimer:Please note, any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

What is Transcriptionist?

A transcriptionist is a person (typist) who would listen to recorded or live audio files and converts them into text. Basically, the typist would need to type whatever he is hearing from the recorded audio file. But there are rules and/or formats that should be followed, and these would vary for every transcription industry and/or website.

Who are the Clients of Transcriptionist?

There are many companies such as car dealership companies that record every incoming or outgoing call in their company for quality purposes. Other companies such as medical industries would also record a dictation of a healthcare professional for report purposes.

Although these companies have different types of transcription needs or purposes, these companies are similar in terms of what they do with the recorded audio. That is, they hire someone to transcribe the recordings or would pay a transcription website to do the job.

Frequently Asked Questions About QA World

What is QA World?

– QA World is one of the many websites that hire people to transcribe calls from their clients.

Do they accept applicants from any country?

Yes, I am from the Philippines and I was able to get in.

Do they require transcription experience?

No, I was accepted even though I don’t have prior experience in transcription.

Do they offer a flexible time of transcribing?

Yes, you can work anytime you want.

How much do they pay?

They pay $0.20 per audio minute.

What is their payment gateway?

QA World pays weekly via PayPal.

How much can I earn from the site?

It depends. The company indicates that an average transcriber earns around $130 per week, while the highest-paid transcribers make around $375 per week.

Can I use my Smartphone?

Unfortunately, no. You should use a laptop or a PC.

Can I work even if I am not a fast typist?

Being a fast typist is an advantage in this type of job. But I was able to work for this company even if I am not. So, yes.

Do I have to be proficient in English?

– You don’t have to be very good at English, but you need to know the basic rules in grammar.

Is QA World Scam?

Definitely not! I have tried the website and I was able to receive a payment from them. Although I stopped working for them, I read on the members’ forum (on slack) that transcribers are still getting paid.

My first Payment from QA World

Now, if you are interested in becoming a call transcriber, you should try to apply for this company.

How to sign up on QA World?

Be sure to follow the steps below if you are going to apply as a QA World Transcriptionist.

  1. Go to their Facebook Page.

Search Facebook for QA World’s Page and browse their post to find the link of the application site. Just click the link and you will be redirected to their registration platform.

qa world sign up

Okay, so I tried searching google and you can directly sign up here.

  1. Fill in your Information

The website will ask you some information such as your name and email address.

join qa world

After that, you will receive a prompt that your application was received.

qa world application
  1. Check your Email

Open the email you used to sign up. You should receive an email from QA World containing a link for the next step. Click the link and you will be redirected to another platform.

qa world application site
  1. Do the QA World Transcription Test 

You will be given a 1-minute audio that you need to transcribe. Just listen and type the words you hear in the transcription box below the audio. Be sure to check your transcription before you click the submit button.

qa world transcription test

You will be prompted if your transcription was successfully submitted.

qa world test result
  1. Check your Email again.

After a few minutes of submitting, you will receive another email that contains a link for the next step.

qa world sign up process

You will also receive an email stating that you are invited to join Slack – serves as a community for QA World transcribers. You can do this later.

qa world slack
  1. Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement

When you click the link that is sent to your email, you will be brought to a site where you need to read and accept QA World’s NDA.

qa world nda
  1. Pass the Privacy Policy Quiz

You will be provided with a list of the website’s privacy policy. You should read and understand the statements and answer the questions that follow.

  1. Pass the Transcriber Quiz

Once you passed the privacy quiz, you will be given another list of rules. You should read and keep attention to every detail because there’s a set of questions that you need to pass.

qa world transcriber quiz

You will be notified when you passed the last quiz.

qa world pass quiz
  1. Input your PayPal Address

Before you will begin working, you need to provide them your PayPal address. It is where they will send your earnings.

qa world paypal
  1. Score at least 3 on your First call or QA World Test or Quiz

You will be given a list of calls that you can choose from. You should choose a call that is clear enough and that you can finish. It is very important that you score at least 3 on that call because if not, you won’t be able to transcribe other calls.

qa world rating

You will receive an email from the site if you passed. But if not, they will give you another chance to prove yourself.

In any website that I tried and give a review, I always give some tips for new applicants.

QA World TIPS:

First, read and fully understand the QA World transcription guidelines and QA World FAQ. If you have any questions about the site or about a call, you can just email QA World or ask other members in the slack community.

Second, improve your typing speed and accuracy. When you are listening to a call, you should simultaneously and accurately type what you are hearing.

Third, choose a call that is easy for you to transcribe especially on the QA World Test or Quiz. There are calls that have gibberish or choppy audio, you can either skip it and choose something better or report it.

Fourth, use a headset or headphones. You shouldn’t listen to a call directly from your laptop’s speaker. Spend some of your money to buy a functional headset. Trust me, it really helps.

Fifth, proofread your transcription before submitting it. You won’t be able to edit a transcription that you already submitted.

Sixth, the most important is that you need to have a rating of at least 3 on every call. The website won’t pay you for a call that has a rating or score of less than 3.

Final Words

QA World is a reputable company.

The website provides tests and quizzes to identify if a person is qualified for the job. It also implements rules and agreements that an applicant needs to agree with. Violation of these rules can result to removal from the platform.

The company accepts applicants from any country. It offers a flexible schedule and pays weekly via PayPal. Moreover, the website doesn’t require prior experience in transcription.

This job is perfect to earn extra money and one can also treat it as his/her main source of income if he/she will spend time and effort.

Do you have any questions about the site? Comment below.