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TransPerfect is Hiring – Transcription $15 -20/hour

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Are you a fast typist? Are you looking for transcription jobs or anything about typing? Well, you are in the right article.

Maybe you are just curious about this job post and you just clicked the link. This post may help you understand what transcription jobs are.

Okay so let’s start.

Disclaimer:Please note, any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. Please do your research before applying. Thank you

What does the company do?

TransPerfect Translation is a family of companies providing global business services in over 200 languages. TransPerfect is headquartered in New York City and maintains over 90 offices on every continent.

Note: Statements quoted are responses from the company.

TransPerfect is the largest privately held language services provider, providing a full range of language and business services including translation, interpretation, website localization, subtitling/voiceovers, multicultural marketing, diversity and inclusion consulting, deposition services, and litigation support to multinational companies.

What are the qualifications?

– Are of legal age (18+).

– Great reading and comprehension skills in English. All the training material and guidelines provided are available in English only.

– Ability to meet daily KPIs.

– Availability to work from home.

– Must have a valid work permit for the country you live in.

– Ability to understand and implement feedback.

– Find comfort in detail-oriented work.

Do they hire internationally?

– Yes.
“You can be anywhere. Best Regards”

What is the Pay Rate?

– Transperfect pays 15 – 20 USD per hour according to their website.

Is that rate per audio hour or per hour worked?

– Transperfect pays per hour worked.
“Hi, Hour Worked.”

Frequency of Payment?

– Transperfect pays monthly.

How is the working schedule?

– Transperfect has a flexible working schedule.
“We usually send you a task for X number of hours, is up to you how to organize them and deliver the job on time.”

How to Apply?

Apply here: https://translations.com/rc/ai-solutions.html

Final Words:

TransPerfect is another legit company to apply for. They accept applicants anywhere around the globe. The pay is great and better compared to other companies that offer the same job. 

You need to apply with your resume, though. So, it means that most applicants would be shortlisted based on the content of their resumes. So long as you meet the qualifications listed above, try to apply for this company.

I wish you the best and I hope to hear how your application went. Just comment below.

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