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Clickworker Review 2019 – Earn Money Doing Micro Jobs

When I started looking for making-money opportunities online, I would read blogs that contain reviews of different websites. I read a post about MTurk – a very popular crowdsourcing website owned by one of the Big Four technology companies, Amazon.

The website offers countless tasks and so its members could earn at least $20 a day. 

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t accept people from many countries including the Philippines.

So, what I did was to search for websites that are the same as MTurk. I found many sites that can be an alternative to MTurk and one of those is Clickworker.

In this review, I am going to give my opinions about Clickwoker and I hope that it would help you decide whether or not you are going to sign up. 

Table of Contents:

  • what is Clickworker; 
  • how to become a worker;
  • what are the ways to earn from the website;
  • what is UHRS;
  • how to get paid;
  • what are some tips;
  • what are some concerns and;
  • conclusion.

Disclaimer: Please note, any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

What is Clickworker?

Again, Clickworker is a similar website to MTurk and Clixsense. It is a legitimate website where you can earn extra money by doing micro-jobs. However, in my experience, it actually is better than the two sites because it pays more and it accepts people from more countries.

How does it work?

clickworker sign up

1. The first thing to do to become a member of almost every website is to sign up. And it goes the same with Clickworker. You need to register on the website and fill in the necessary information that the website needs.

2. You need to check your email, the one you used to register and verify it. After that, you will need to complete your profile. You need to fill in other information about you including the language/s you use and your work experience. You need to complete this because it will be a basis for the available jobs you will receive.

clickworker profile
clickworker assessments

 3. When you complete the two steps above, you should hover to the assessment tab and see if there are available tests that you can do. There are two main assessment categories, the base and project assessments. You should try to do any available assessment and have a passing score. The tests would determine if you are qualified to work on a task or not.

clickworker assessments

What are the Ways to Earn Money from Clickworker?

When you go to your dashboard, you would find many available jobs. These jobs include taking online surveys, uploading photos, and recording videos. The pay for each task depends on the complexity of each task.

Actually, I didn’t do most of the available tasks that I mentioned above. It’s because I wasn’t comfortable sharing my photos or record videos that include my face. When it comes to online surveys, most of the time there is no available survey to take. 

So, how did I earn from the website? Most of my earnings came from UHRS.

What is UHRS?

UHRS stands for Universal Human Relevance System. It is run by Microsoft and you can access it on the Clickworker site. Most of the Clickworker members say that their earnings come from UHRS. 

So, what are the tasks on UHRS?

The tasks vary for every country, but most are search evaluation tasks.

I can’t find UHRS on my Clickworker dashboard.

When you just signed up on Clickworker, you won’t find UHRS on your dashboard. It is because as I have said it is run by Microsoft, so you need a separate account to access it.

clickworker uhrs tests

You’ll need to take the UHRS qualification tests. There are two tests:

  1. Qualification for UHRS I

– this is an English Qualification Test that contains 40 test items. It is very easy because the items would just test your comprehension and grammar skills.

  1. Qualification for UHRS II

–   Once you passed the first UHRS test, this test would be available for you to take. Again, this is easy to do. It actually is not a test because you are just going to follow instructions. It will just let you create your account on UHRS.

So, you passed the UHRS Assessments?

Now, go to your dashboard and click on the UHRS button. It will lead you to a separate platform where you need to sign in using your Live ID account (the one you created during the second UHRS qualification test).

clickworker uhrs jobs

On your UHRS dashboard, you can find available jobs called HitApps. The availability of HitApps would vary again depending on your country. You can click on any HitApp that you want to do. But first, you need to take the qualification.

You will be given three attempts to pass the qualification for each HitApp. If you pass, you will then be able to finish the hits (the number of available tasks) that are available on the HitApp.

How much can I earn from UHRS?

It depends on the availability of HitApps and hits. Each HitApp would pay from 3 cents to 12 cents per hit.

In the forum section, people say that they can earn $10 – $12 per hour depending on the HitApp they take. 

Based on my experience, I can make $4 per hour. BUT again, that is if there is available HitApp.

What are my Tips?

  1. Complete Every Available Assessment
    This is very important because it will allow you to access most of the jobs on the Clickworker and UHRS dashboards.
  1. Check your UHRS dashboard Often
    There are days when you can find a thousand available hits on a single HitApp while on some days, there is no HitApp available. In my experience, I would usually receive hits during Tuesdays and in the month of December.
  1. Do other tasks in the Clickworker dashboard.
    You can find a variety of tasks such as taking pictures in your Clickworker dashboard. 
  1. Refer other People to Join
    Clickworker can pay you 5 euros for every referral that earns 10 euros.
clickworker referral program

How can you receive your Earnings?

Another good news about this website is that it lets you use PayPal as a payment gateway.

If you have earned the minimum threshold, which is 5 euros, you can request for withdrawal.

The company pays out on a weekly basis. Here in the Philippines, you would receive your money on Thursdays.

You have to note, though, that your earnings from UHRS are payable after 21 days. For instance, you earned $10 today (July 1st), you can withdraw that amount on the 22nd of July.

Concerns about the site:

Let’s talk about the cons of the site.

  • First, there aren’t always a lot of jobs.
  • Second, there are some people who said that their accounts were suspended and so they can’t withdraw their hard-earned money.
  • Third, some of the HitApps on UHRS have adult and upsetting content.
  • Fourth, some of the tasks are payable after many weeks.
  • Fifth, there are times when you can’t access your account because of bugs.


Clickworker is a legitimate website that has been around for a few years now. The company hires people from different countries around the world. It offers many ways that its members can do to earn decent money.

UHRS is a separate platform that you can access through the Clickworker site. It is run by Microsoft and it offers several micro-jobs. When you attempt to do a task/HitApp, you need to pass the qualifications first. 

Like any website, Clickworker and UHRS have their rules and regulations. When a member violates these rules, it can result to the suspension of their accounts, and/or their earnings would be forfeited.

Did you try registering on this site? Do you have any questions? Type it in the comment box or contact us.