ESL Companies that Offer Audio Classes

Okay, I do believe that we all want to have a job that suits our preferences, qualifications, resources, and passion. It goes the same with ESL Tutors.

You have many companies to choose from, but you won’t want to spend most of your time applying for each company and then would just terminate your application once you hear or read something you don’t like about the company.

You may be searching for ESL companies and found many. Well, your goal is achieved but maybe you are looking for something more, a more specific query.

You may be uncomfortable showing your face, so you don’t like to conduct video lessons. Or you may not have a webcam which is a requirement for video classes.

Well, you are on the right article. In this post, I listed some of the companies that offer audio classes. And I also included how you can apply for these companies.

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What are Audio Classes?

Audio classes let the teachers teach without recording their faces. The teacher would deliver the lesson by talking with the student and sharing the screen of his/her laptop.

That means that you can teach even if you are not wearing formal or casual clothes or even if you are not wearing anything (LOL).

Companies that offer Audio Classes:

1.) UTalk

Qualifications: No experience required

Rate: 120 up to 265 per hour

Nationality of Students:

Available Shift:
SAT, SUN 9 AM-10 PM (Bookable hours)

Part-time or Full time: Any

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • CPU/Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or AMD equivalent is required
  • RAM/MEMORY: At least 4GB or higher
  • Internet: Must have a minimum of 0.5Mbps upload speed and a minimum of 5Mbps download speed (DSL/Fiber). Must be connected to LAN and no wireless
  • Headset: With a noise-canceling feature or a quiet environment to conduct your awesome classes.

How to Apply:

  1. Send via Facebook Messenger the following information:
  • Complete Name
  • Location
  • Skype Account
  • Mobile Number
  1. Receive a phone call/interview.
  1. Receive a message on messenger.
  1. Conduct a demo class.

2.) Spiiker  

Qualifications: No experience Required

Rate: 10 RMB (70 pesos) per 20 minutes class

Nationality of Students: Chinese

Available Shift:

Part-time or Full time: Any

How to Apply:

  1. Add the headteacher through skype (fhn164062) and express your intention to apply.
  2. She will schedule you to do a demo class with the Chinese Manager and Chinese students.
  3. You will have to complete three sets of demos, each scheduled on different days.

3.) Spicus

Qualifications: No experience Required

Rate: 500 Pesos for Four Hours of Teaching

Nationality of Students: Korean

Available Shift:

AM SHIFT 5:00AM-2:00PM (Office base only)

PM SHIFT 2:00PM-11:00PM (Office base only)

PM PART-TIME 7:00 PM-11:00 PM (Home base only)

BROKEN SHIFT 5:00AM-9:00AM and 7:00PM-11:00PM

Part-time or Full time: Any

How to Apply:

  1. Send your resume at [email protected] the subject line “OFFICE BASED APPLICATION” or “HOME BASED APPLICATION”.
  2. If you are shortlisted, you will receive a phone call.
  3. If you passed the phone interview, you will receive an email asking for some information like your skype ID.
  4. You will receive another email that contains how procedures for your initial demo.
  5. Follow the steps written in the email and do your best on your initial demo.
  6. If you passed the initial demo, you will receive another email that contains modules and procedures for the next application process.
  7. Study the materials given and pass the 3 demos.

Final Words:

These are the three companies I have tried so far. Although I am not working for any of these, I tried their application process. The written information about each company is based on my experience and what I read on their official FB pages.

If you will ask me which among the three will I recommend, I would say try UTalk first. But you can apply to all companies and just choose which would you prefer to work for.

That is for now! Do you have any questions? Comment below.

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