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How To Earn Money Online: 9 Simple Ways to Make Money Online 2021

We are now in the 21st Century where the advancement of technology is very evident. People can easily find what they are looking for with just a single click. Also, people can communicate easily with their loved ones even if they are a thousand miles apart with the use of social media like Facebook.

These are some of the many perks of technology in a person’s life. But for this article, I will focus on one of the best advantages of technology in my life, which is the opportunity to earn money online.

You heard it right, you can earn money using the internet!

I do believe that earning money is a person’s responsibility. It is a responsibility because having money is a need for survival, especially now that almost everything is bought.

Although there are many ways to earn money digitally, you should be cautious about which websites you sign up for. You shouldn’t just believe the posts or advertisements about sites to earn money that you see online because some are scams.

After a few years of being an online worker, I came up with a list of the ways and samples of the websites you can use to earn money.

Disclaimer: Please note, any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

Table of Contents:

  • doing micro-jobs
  • testing websites
  • participating in online surveys
  • clicking advertisement
  • reviewing calls
  • transcribing calls
  • collecting bitcoins
  • be an ESL Tutor
  • be a Search Engine Evaluator

I will make separate articles for each method so that I will discuss each in detail. If you would like to be notified when I publish those articles, like our FB page, or just subscribe to our newsletter.

Let’s Start:

1. Doing tasks/micro jobs

You will earn money by doing simple tasks such as transcribing receipts, searching the web, providing the proper URL of a website, categorizing images, and many more. You will be paid for every task you finish. The pay per task ranges from $0.01 to $5.

The websites I tried are:

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Some websites like Clixsense and Neobux have the same tasks-provider, which is FigureEight. When you sign up for both websites, you will have to make a single FigureEight account. And that would mean that you must choose a single website where you can do tasks (because the tasks will be the same on both websites).

2. Testing Websites

Your task here is to test a website (mostly new websites). Testing a website means you will try a site if it needs improvement like maybe the site is too slow and not responsive. By doing this, site owners would know how they will improve their site. Most websites offer $10 for a 20-minute test.

Sites I tried:

  • UserTesting
  • TryMyUI

3. Participating in Online Surveys

You will be paid by taking online surveys. The surveys have different topics such as your experience in offline and online shopping, and your health status. You can finish a survey within 5 minutes – 1 hour. The pay depends on the time needed to finish the survey.

Some survey sites:

  • Clixsense
  • PanelChamp
  • Mobrog
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4. Clicking Advertisements

Paid-to-click (PTC) sites pay you to click and view advertisements within a given timeframe usually 5-30 seconds. You have to note though that you will not earn much money from this method. Usually, the pay is $0.01 for a 10-second advertisement.

Sites I used:

  • Paidverts
  • Neobux
  • GPTPlanet

Just be careful because many PTC sites are scams. Most of these scam sites offer higher value per click compared to the legit ones.

5. Reviewing Calls

Your task here is to listen to a recorded call and reexamine it. You will be provided a list of choices for you to tag (like if it is connected or not) the call. The pay is per call, ranges from 0.7 cents to 30 cents.

The only website I recommend for this type of job is Humanatic.

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6. Transcribing Calls

You will be paid to type out recorded conversations into text. You need to listen to a call and then write everything about the conversation. Every website has its own rules on how you will do the job. The pay ranges from $0.10 to $0.50 per audio minute.

The website I tried is QA World, which pays $0.20 per audio minute.

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You can also try Humanatic. Some categories will let you transcribe a call, and some will let you give a written summary of a call.

7. Collecting Bitcoins

Basically, bitcoin is a form of electronic cash. It can be exchanged for real cash like USD or PHP. The thing here is the value of bitcoin changes often. Today (August 9, 2019), 1 bitcoin is equal to PHP 650,602.76. But that value can either decrease or increase after a few seconds.

Your job here is to collect as much Satoshi (the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency) as you can. And then if you collected enough, you can withdraw it and exchange it for pesos.

Another thing is, if you have money, you can buy bitcoins when their value is low and sell them when the value increases.

8. Be an ESL Tutor

If you have a passion to teach and you are excellent in the English Language, you can try this. Your job is to teach English to other nationalities such as Chinese. The compensation starts at PHP100 per hour.

Here are some of the websites people recommend:

  • Rarejob
  • UTalk
  • Spicus
  • Spiiker
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9. Be a Search Engine Evaluator

As a search evaluator, it’s your job to determine the relevancy of pages based on specific search terms. You need to apply with your resume. If you are chosen, you will undergo exams. The exams would need you to read and understand a guideline with 100+ pages.

I tried working for Lionbridge. The exam is not that difficult, but you must spend much time reading the guidelines. The pay is $6 per hour but you will not earn much because most of the time, there is no available task.

These are some of the methods/ways I tried to earn money online. I will be updating this post, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter; like and follow our FB Page, and bookmark our site.