Founded in 2019, The EarnCredibles started as a personal blog where the owner shares guides on how to earn money online. Rebranded in 2021, The EarnCredibles aims to help people take charge of their personal finances and establish smart money decisions through articles and resources about how to earn, save, invest, and manage money.

About the Author:

I am Jomel and I am one of the many people who have the opportunity to experience the benefits of working at home. Growing up in a poor family, lack of money is usually our biggest problem. Financial problem denies us from doing and achieving most of our goals in life.

For instance, engaging in sports need a person to buy materials such as sports shoes for him or her to play basketball. But because of not enough pennies, some can’t join. 

Well, of course, it doesn’t mean that poverty would also deny us from being happy. Despite the hardships, we should be able to find ways for us to be happy.

Enough of those negative statements and let’s proceed to the more encouraging words.

During my 2nd year in college, I learned that the internet has more to offer than educational information, games, and videos. It started from a single search of “online jobs” then followed by intensive research about the same topic.

Different websites suggest different earning opportunities such as the PTC and GPT sites, task-assigned jobs, etc. I started from doing PTC and GPT sites and I won’t forget the first time I earned $0.01, I was very happy that time. LOL.

But after that, I realized that in order to earn more, I have to do another job and exert more effort and maybe spend some money. But again, because I am a dependent and broke student, I continued signing up on Free websites that I came to know of.

Believe me or not, I earned my first dollar after many months of finding the right job for me. Then after that, the money I earned from different online jobs increases as I continue searching and finding online opportunities.

With that being said, I promised myself to share my knowledge about the opportunities of making money online with anyone who needs it. And I found that making a blog about it would make it possible for me to reach that goal.

So what’s the catch? What would we expect from your blog?

EarnCredibles.com would be an avenue for us- the author and the readers- to share information about home-based opportunities. The readers should not just be absorbing information from the author but also share their knowledge through the comment section and by contacting the author.

I wish everyone a meaningful reading!